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Project Title: Investigation of Neural Mechanisms of Driving Safety & Speech

Distraction Using fMRI & MEG Imaging




Project Abstract

This project is to investigate the neural mechanisms of driving safety and speech distraction using fMRI & MEG imaging.  Real-time measurements of brain functions will examine the critical cognitive processes of driving performance and "inattention blindness."  Our central hypothesis is that subtle but important behavioral and neurological patterns can reveal the neural mechanisms responsible for driver distraction.  This project will contribute to a better understanding of the fundamental nature of driver attention and inattention, allowing for safe, effective, and beneficial telematic devices to be developed for vehicles with reduced risk of introducing driver distraction.




Collaborative Units

We have assembled a multidisciplinary research team, consisting of scientists and engineers from five institutions in Michigan, who are well prepared, to undertake this proposed research project.  The team members are from:

(1) the Speech-Language Neuroscience Lab in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Wayne State University,

(2) Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Wayne State University

(3) Consultation from the Human-Vehicle Integration Engineering and the Safety Center at General Motors Corporation

(4) Henry Ford Hospital

(5) Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).


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Project Director: Dr. Li Hsieh

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